BMRCL Operator Previous papers is available here. Download BMRCL Sample model papers for maintainer, Section Engineer & Train Operator previous papers in pdf.

BMRCL Operator Previous papers

Download BMRCL Previous papers for maintainer Operator candidates can also download sample papers for BMRCL Exam. We are here to provide complete details on BMRCL Operator Previous papers. Candidate for better preparation can start solving each paper along with answer papers given. Bangalore Metro Rail syllabus and exam pattern is available on our portal candidate who eagerly looking for BMRCL Exam previous papers with smart preparation tips we are ready to help you if you have any query related BMRCL Section engineer exam please leave your query in comment box. To score good marks candidates have to go through BMRCL Operator Previous papers & by knowing BMRCL Operator Exam pattern maximum marks can be scored. Difficulty level of exam will be moderate candidate can download last five year BMRCL previous year papers for more updates on BMRCL Train Operator Exam bookmark this page to stay updated on BMRCL Exam.

BMRCL Operator Previous papers

Download BMRCL Previous year Questions

BMRCL Recruitment is released officially candidate can apply from official website. Electrical/ Mechanical/ Wireman/ Fitter/ Mechanic communication Equipment/ Electronic system maintenance/ Masonary carpenter & others equivalent degree is required to apply from any recognized university or Institute recognized by Government. The entire interested candidates who are looking for BMRCL Operator Previous papers can download old sample papers in pdf format.  Candidate should start the preparation a month earlier before the exam for those aspirants who want to make carrier in Railway Jobs. we have updated BMRCL Expected cut off candidate can have a look link displayed below.

BMRCL Maintenance Engineer Exam Pattern

Exam type Topics Name Questions Time Duration
Objective Type Questions General Topics 25 2 hrs
Electronics 15
Civil / Carpentry topics. 15
Mechanical Topics 15
Mathematics 15
Electrical Topics 15

BMRCL Train Operator Exam pattern

Exam type Topics Name Questions Time Duration
Objective Type Questions Mechanical Topics 15 2 hrs
Communication Topics 20
Electronics Topics 20
Electrical Topics 20
General Topics 25

BMRCL Section Engineer Exam Pattern

Exam Type Topics Name Questions Time Duration
Objective Type Questions General Topics 25 2 hrs
CSE 15
Electrical Topics 15
Civil topics 15
Electronics & Communication 15
Mechanical 15

BMRCL Sample Model Paper

1. In nodular iron, graphite is in the form of
a) Cementite
b) Free carbon
c) Flakes
d) Spheroids

2. Hardness of steel depends on
a) Amount of carbon it contains
b) The shape and distribution of the carbides in iron
c) Method of fabrication
d) Contents of alloying elements

3. The horizontal component of force on a curved surface is equal to the
a) Product of pressure at its centroid and area
b) Weight of liquid retained by the curved area
c) Force on a vertical projection of the curved surface
d) Weight of liquid vertically above the curved surface

4. Too high welding current in arc welding would result in
a) Excessive spatter, under cutting along edges, irregular deposits, wasted electrodes
b) Excessive piling up of weld metal, poor penetration, wasted electrodes
c) Too small bead, weak weld and wasted electrodes
d) Excessive piling up of weld metal, overlapping without penetration of edges, wasted electrodes.

Download BMRCL Operator Previous papers

5.Which of the following has maximum hardness
a) Austenite
b) Pearlite
c) Troostite
d) Troostite

6. The main advantage of line organization is its
a) Effective command and control
b) Defined responsibilities at all levels
c) Rigid discipline in the organization
d) Martensite

7. Pick up the wrong statement. A flywheel
a) Is used to limit the inevitable fluctuation of speed during each cycle
b) Controls the mean speed of rotation
c) Stores up energy and gives up whenever required
d) Regulates the speed during one cycle of a prime mover

8. The mathematical technique for finding the best use of limited resources in an optimum manner is known as
a) Operation research
b) Linear programming
c) Network analysis
d) Queuing theory

BMRCL Operator Syllabus & Exam Pattern

9. Which of the following errors are generally distributed in accordance with the Gaussian distribution
a) Controllable errors
b) Calibration errors
c) Avoidable errors
d) Random errors

10. Choose the word/group of words which is most similar in meaning to the word/group of words printed in bold as used in the passage.
(A) pulled
(B) inserted
(C) wring
(D) dug out
(E) received

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